Payment types

Depending on the vehicle class and desired destinations, the following forms of payment might be available:

1. Partial transfer prepayment

Partial prepayment - is the most common payment form among our users. You pay a small deposit of 10-15%, tha rest must be paid to your driver upon pickup. Deposit can be paid by means of VISA or MASTERCARD. The balance and the currency will be clearly stated in your booking confirmation and must be paid to the driver in cash. If you wish, you can also pay in local currency.

2. Full transfer prepayment

If you are booking a transfer for someone and want to pay upfront (so that passenger don't have to worry) you can make use of 100% online prepayment option. Same as with partial deposit, you can make a payment by means of VISA or MASTERCARD.

3. Full transfer invoice prepayment

When selecting a 100% prepayment option, you have an additional choice of invoice payment. In order to get an invoice, you should generate an order as usual and contact our customer support at . Our support team will be glad to send you an invoice.
Note! Invoice will be sent to your email if there are at least 4 days prior to pickup.

3. Pay by cash payment

If you don't have a credit card or have limited access to your bank account, you can pay by cash to driver. Our customer support, will contact you 24 hrs prior to your pickup, to ensure that your plans were not changed and you intend to use the service.

Online payments are processed via ALFABANK payment gateway on HTTPS secure page. No sensual credit card data is stored on any of A2B servers.

Visa Mastercard